Always close by

Wherever you are: standing at a bus or railway station checking the departure times, enjoying paintings in a safe museum with a pleasant climate, or driving through the tunnel under the city to reach your destination faster and the city stays clean. Strukton is everywhere. Including as a workplace: in every part of Strukton, you work right alongside the clients and end-users. Whoever you are: at Strukton, you can be yourself, achieve the best results in your own way, for yourself and for all the parties with and for whom you’re working.

Working with talent

Strukton’s world is not just for clients and end-users. It’s also the home base for employees who constantly stretch their boundaries to achieve modernisation in the rail systems, civil infrastructure and technical installations and buildings. In the Netherlands, Belgium and abroad.

We do that safely and sustainably. And you get just how that works: that we don’t only focus on reducing carbon emissions because it’s good for the environment and for clients to offer energy-savings. But also because today’s and tomorrow’s client needs have our attention from a commercial aspect.

Working on innovation

Wherever you work, together we achieve solutions using the latest technology. So we extend the lifespan of our products and keep expanding our specialist fields. We advance alongside clients, partners and suppliers, realising the most innovative projects and services. And above all, along the way, we take good care of each other, so that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

Are you looking for a workplace where you will contribute to a safe and good product? And where you can sometimes work with the toughest machinery? Where you can get the best from yourself in an environment full of humour, involvement and ambition? Then you’ll fit at Strukton.

  • Bas Westgeest, Tender Manager

    Bas Westgeest, Tender Manager

    An unforgettable job interview – that’s how my career started at Strukton. A brief familiarisation, and then I described the flyovers I was able to work on during my internship.

  • Luke Grimbergen, Project Engineer

    Luke Grimbergen, Project Engineer

    I wanted to use my intermediate vocational diploma in mechanical engineering and higher vocational diploma in civil engineering in specialist projects.

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