A green heart

We like to extract the maximum from everything. Optimal service, the highest quality and the longest lifespans. In all phases of our work, we aim for the best solutions for the long term. From design right through to use and possible re-use; everything is well thought-out. We think in lifespans.

Our sustainability ambitions

Whether we’re talking about projects or our operational management; sustainability is everywhere. Sometimes it’s so obvious to us that we don’t even realise it. From asphalt which lasts longer to recycling concrete or ballast; it makes a difference in cost, waste and inconvenience for the user. We’re also working on a better environment, we’re being careful about safety, and we’re ensuring that it’s all appropriate to its surroundings. All social benefits, in other words. And that we also happen to make a profit from it certainly can be said. Because that’s simply a fine win-win situation. That profit gives us the opportunity in turn to make new investments and set new aspirations for even more sustainable products and services.

Responsible employer

We care not only about our external environment, but also about our employees. It’s extremely important to us to be able to work together safely and healthily. Whether you have just joined us, have been with us for years or are involved in our work, or have been distanced from the labour market.

Strength in unity

Not only do we practise corporate social responsibility and innovation. Together with partners from the chain, we launched the Sustainable Supplier initiative: a platform helping organisations in setting up a sustainable business operation. And in the same way, we also undertake much, much more. We reduce traffic jams and make efficient use of materials and energy consumption within our CO2 reduction programme.

Would you like to learn about all the sustainable initiatives we have? Then read more about them here .